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11/5/10, Defamation. Why most people don't understand the legal definition of "defamation" anymore: they are misdirected by lobbyists, lawyers, and government stooges to believe in a new definition, a definition that will shut them up.
10/30/10, Agnes Martin and the psychological causes of Modernism. Including more on Dave Hickey and the Harwood Museum.
8/1/10, The End of Sense, A counter-critique of Hanna Rosin's "The End of Men."
6/17/10, Prince Gimmick, A review of Chuck Close, and other commentary.
6/7/10, A Review of Tim Eitel and Pace Wildenstein Gallery, If you are looking for happy thoughts do not click this link. Try Tom Turtle instead.
5/22/10, Thoughts for the Day, on Ben and Jerry and asking girls to coffeeshops, etc.
5/13/10, Tom Turtle on the Red Carpet. Tom Turtle comments on the lifetime achievement award of the great Tom Hanks.
5/3/10, Channeling Thoreau and Twain by channeling George Carlin. Warning: Don't read this if you are looking for an easy laugh.
4/15/10, The Theater of the Absurd. I comment on the news of the day, including the N-word (again) and Sandra Bullock.
4/1/10, The Top 70 Greatest Love Songs. Including Greensleeves!
3/19/10, Balls in a Basket. A review of the reviews of Skin Fruit, the current exhibition at the New Museum, New York.
3/10/10, The Pre-Picassan Brotherhood. An old article from about 10 years ago reprinted and illustrated.
3/8/10, Buddhism: the Stronger Poison. An analysis of "The Life of the Buddha".
3/6/10, Why does the Rainbow Curve Down? Another paper from my science site that I thought my art readers might like. It is not too terribly technical, and it has a lot of pretty pictures.
3/2/10, The Sexiest Women of the Screen. A top fifty list to answer Empire's list.
2/27/10, The Philosophy of Yoga. A critique from a lover rather than an adept.
2/26/10, The Voice Vote. On Parliamentary procedure and the Patriot Act.
2/19/10, All Apologies. No, this is not about Kurt Cobain.
2/18/10, Why is the Sky Blue? I thought some of my art readers might be interested in this paper from my science site, which shows that the current answer is wrong.
2/18/10, Physics is Corrupt. I also talk about art here, as usual.