Personal Photo Album

I'm chewing modern art, even at 1
age 5, Lubbock          age 8, first horseback

Bonnie and I on a bright but cold day in Chico, 2011
Bruges, 2006
My favorite willow, Bruges, Dec. 2005            with my Gandalf stick, 2013

My niece, Kalyn
knok.jpg (30000 bytes)     
         Bruges, Winter 2004                      Upon first seeing Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel      my left foot
Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco, November 2003
my grandmother, 1926           my mom 1947
my great great uncle BF           my great grandfather with his eight kids, 1912
My parents, around 1960

four of my good friends

Kayla, 1983
Vista Lane studio mugshots, Austin, Texas, 1999
Tess finds posing unbearably silly      Little brother wants to pose too

Florence, Italy, 1993
My favorite model Mary, 1988

Austin Galleries One-Man Show, 1999

My favorite "separated at birth"
Which one is Jon Lovitz and which one is Vince Neil of Motley Crue?
Life is cruel: this is the same woman, Brigitte Bardot at 20 and at 70
see, the beauty's lips really are that big                                      Celeste
Monica Hinojosa at 13                          

Horsing around in Montalivet, France, 1996

My friendly French photographers, Es. and Is.
Fall 2008

my birthday party, 2009, with Austin artist Anne Nelson Sweat

No, that's not Claire Forlani, that's me and Laura,
pretending to be puppies, apparently

Milo Bash IV, Austin, 1998, playing Claire de Lune
Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, 1995        Strange elfchild discovered under a rock.
Oil Painters of America Show                                   

From a photoshoot with Anne Nelson Sweat, 1993

My personal hair stylist and fashion consultant
With "Lethe" Sculpture, 1998                              With painting model Faith Singer, 1997

An Amherst stunner

Not quite the expression I was looking for            that's better
My short life as a model/dancer              First (and only) headshot, 1983
With art maven Fran Scott, 1988     First big find, modelwise, Celeste
The Tuileries, Paris, Fall 1988                                        This is Van Nielsen, my Guild Bro' from Texas.
with my girlfriend Gretchen and her father                The real me

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