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by Miles Mathis

First published June 26, 2019

I have already written a short paper on the Mandela Effect, but I am back with more. I have told some of my readers in email that the hoaxers were going to get caught, and now they have. Since I wrote that paper two years ago, they have continued to add examples of “parallel universes”, and the 1979 film Moonraker is one of them. This is apropos, since of course Moonraker is a James Bond film, and we know the Bond films are a production of the spooks. The books came right out of MI5, since they were written by agent Ian Fleming. And we can say the same for the films.

Anyway, many people remember that in the film, Jaws had a pretty blonde love interest named Dolly, and they remember she had braces. It was a joke, since both she and Jaws had metal mouths. I remember it vaguely myself, though I wouldn't stake my life on it. I saw The Spy Who Loved Me several times, but Moonraker only once. I didn't much like it. However, even though I didn't have an ironclad memory of it, the example did stick in my craw. Of all the Mandela Effect examples, this one jumped out at me as one mostly likely to fail. Don't exactly know why, just intuition. My intuition is pretty good, as you know. So I thought I would look for old VHS copies on Ebay. I immediately got confirmation, though it wasn't the sort of direct confirmation you are hoping for (though that is coming up). It is a bit more tangential. . . but still a huge red red flag, telling us we are on the right track. The oldest VHS copies were in a “big box slip”, and they just happened to have Dolly pictured on the back cover!

Now, ask yourself, what are the odds that Dolly and Jaws would appear on the back cover of this old VHS? And that she would just happen to be smiling, showing the lack of braces? Do you think that was the second most memorable scene in the entire movie, making it a primary selling point? I just watched the official theatrical trailer, and in nearly four minutes of highlights we don't see Dolly once. Not really surprising, is it? So why would they cut her from the highlights but use her in one of two pictures on the back of the VHS?

So am I saying the CIA/MI5/Hollywood has altered all copies of Moonraker they could find? Yep. Am I saying that the spooks are in control of every copy of Moonraker sold at Ebay? Yep. Why is that hard to imagine? Both Ebay and Paypal are owned by the billionaire/trillionaire families, and Ebay has the ability to control each and every page. Don't believe me? Just this week, one of my lots was taken down because I simply mentioned the word “velcro”. I was selling a Ron Jon cap, and it had a velcro closure on the back. So I stated that. Turns out that is a copyright violation. Can't mention velcro even if the cap does have velcro. Why? I don't effing know. But it does prove that Ebay filters every single lot, and can control lots any way it wishes. If it wants to plant copies of Moonraker on Ebay to help out its CIA/MI5 pals, it can easily do that.

We can even check out the seller of this VHS. Strangely, this seller lgodwin4 has been a member since 2004, but in 15 years only has 668 in feedback and 7 followers. He ships out of Freeport, TX. He sells mainly movies, and of his 29 lots, we also find The Exorcist, Cat's Eye, Annabelle, The Nun, Psychopaths, The Axe Murders of Villisca, Amy Winehouse Exposed, General Idi Amin Dada, and Dark Souls III. His one non-movie lot is a book commemorating King Saud's 1957 visit to the US. Starting bid is $2000. Come to your own conclusions.

There's a second big box slip copy of Moonraker on Ebay, and it has the same photos on the back. Its seller is also suspicious. She is brhilde-60, member since Sept. 2018, 261 feedback, shipping from San Antonio, TX. Is that Brunnhilde, the Valkyrie? She also specializes in horror film lots. She also sells old VHS tapes recorded off the TV, “sold as blank”. What? I've never seen that before. I'm tempted to bid just to see what's on them. I'm guessing the bidding is rigged and that these lots are not meant for me. She has advanced screening copies of Blow and Scream. One lot was so interesting I had to buy it. I will update you once I get it. Strange that both big box slip copies of Moonraker ship out of Texas, one from the city Freeport, which is little more than Dow Chemicals, and the other from San Antonio, which is military city USA, dotted with military bases.

Plus, what is a big box slip? Never heard of it. Only three sellers on ebay use the term, these two and a vhsking84 in Watertown, New York. He has a copy of Filthy Harry for $300, a “regional” comedy that just happens to include a huge cast of celebrity body doubles.

Given all that, I continued to research, and I eventually tripped across this guy in the UK who claims to work in the field of film editing. He remains anonymous, but his research passes my sniff test. He does seem to spin his own research, refusing to read it like I do, but that is almost beside the point. If he is intending to whitewash it, he utterly fails.

At that link, you will see for yourself that the braces are still there, under poor editing. Since he proves his copy has been altered, erasing the braces, we may assume all available copies have also been tampered with. I am fairly sure there are copies in existence that the spooks haven't been able to find yet, and I would love to be the one to find one, though the chances of that are remote. I would urge all my readers to keep their eyes open, however, especially those who frequent local library sales, secondhand stores, and the like. The spooks can control Ebay and Craigslist, but it is a bit more difficult for them to control minor secondhand sales in remote markets. One of us will find a copy of this film or one of the other Mandela examples.

Also see this BBC article from 2014, an obit for Richard Kiel who played Jaws. It states that

Kiel reprised the role of Jaws in the 1979 film Moonraker. The film culminated with Jaws changing sides and joining forces with Bond to save the world. It also saw romance blossom between Jaws and Dolly, a small, pig-tailed blonde with braces, comically played by Blanch Ravalec.

The James Bond movie database Universal Exports says pretty much the same thing: “Dolly is a short blond girl with pigtails, glasses and braces”. [They may have changed the glasses while they were at it.] At that site, they have replaced the photo with a new one, with no braces, but they forgot to change the text.

I beg you to notice this means that these people are willing to deface their own previous “art”, proving they are not artists. It is actually against the law to alter or deface art, but that law applies to art buyers. It does not apply to the original creators, who can alter or deface their own works without penalty. Since we may assume it is Intelligence altering these old films, that is just more proof Intelligence was also the original creator.

So, I hope you can see that this evidence of alteration destroys the theory of parallel universes. Braces don't get partially erased from teeth by colliding universes; or by mischievous aliens, either. I would assume aliens are better film editors than that. If they wanted to make a change in our recent history, they would do it with more finesse. You wouldn't catch them at it. Only Intel is this sloppy, since Intel is still made up of humans, last time I checked. Humans are generally incompetent, and we see that again here. Government employees are especially incompetent. Only that can explain the incompletely erased braces we see in the gif above.

I also did some more research on Fiona Broome, above, the main face of this project since its inception several years ago. Not surprisingly, nothing is known of her beyond her brief and self-created bio, which claims she is a respected old-timer in paranormal research. Respected by whom? We aren't told. She has a one-sentence bio at Googlebooks, and no real bio on her own sites. If you click on her name there, you are just taken in circles to pages with no personal information. She doesn't seem to understand what a bio is. In fact, she has no verifiable bio at all, and the name looks like a pseudonym, one chosen to match her ghost-hunting claims. She is like a witch on a broom, you see. Clever. No Fiona Broome is listed at Intelius or InstantCheckmate in the entire US. I would guess the name and photo are just a front for this project, which comes out of some psychological operations unit. Regardless of who or what she is, her “bio” doesn't give her claims any weight at all. I don't know about you, but I don't get my theories on sociology or psychology from ghosthunters or “paragenealogists”. But despite being such a person—whom the mainstream claim to be highly skeptical of—she is heavily promoted by this same mainstream. The Wikipedia page on False Memory references her as if she is some sort of university scholar.

Although Broome's Mandela Effect website drives this project, and although an important part of that site is a forum to discuss examples, she admits she censors any mention of this being a mass gaslighting, or a government project. A search on that finds only one example, and she is warning a poster that she deletes any such conspiracy theories. Rich, seeing that her entire site was created to promote a false conspiracy theory.

Why do I think this whole thing comes out of psychological operations? Because this is now the largest mass-gaslighting project ever attempted, as far as I can tell. I told my readers that in the first paper, but I didn't use the word gaslighting there. I should have, because it is the perfect word. Look it up. It comes from the old 1944 film Gaslight, which has not yet been memoryholed as of the time of this writing. In it, thief Charles Boyer tries to convince his new wife Ingrid Bergman she is crazy, so that he can put her in an institution and steal the jewels hidden in her house. One of the ways he does that is to raise and dim the gaslights in the house, then tell her she is imagining it.

This mass-gaslighting project they are calling the Mandela Effect was created as a cohort of the “time/reality is an illusion” project of mainstream science—where they have been trying to convince us we are living in some sort of glitchy hologram. It is to answer the evergrowing awareness of the distortions people have come to have in the past decade—many of them via my research. I have shown my readers that much of recent history is a lie, including the high profile assassinations, the celebrity deaths, the fake serial killers, and so on. Rather than admit that and come clean, the governors have decided to take the hoax up a notch. They want to convince you that the distortion you have become aware of is even bigger than you think. It isn't just that your government is lying to you all the time about everything. No, it is that you are living in some sort of science-fiction nightmare, where parallel universes are overlapping and intermixing, creating a chaos beyond anyone's understanding or control.

However, I have already proven the real answer is much simpler: the chaos is manufactured. The governors even gave it a codename back in the 1960s: Operation Chaos. It is admitted that the CIA's project existed under that name, while the FBI's similar program was Operation Cointelpro. They joined sometime in the late 60s. That is not a conspiracy theory. It is partially declassified and you can read about it at Wikipedia and Society was purposely destabilized, and they tell us this was done to throw revolutionaries off-balance. It was to infiltrate the Communists, the Anarchists, the anti-war protestors, the hippies, etc. Or that is what they would have you believe. But the real reason chaos was manufactured is for. . . profit. Happy people in a stable society spend only a fraction of miserable people in a fractured society. If they are in constant fear, they spend even more. If they are alone, they spend even more.

But when I began to unwind and expose all their major projects, going back centuries, it was Intel that was thrown off-balance. They weren't used to being out-psyoped, especially by the truth. Yes, truth is the ultimate psyop against lies, since it is like putting the psyche through a wash cycle. And while lies can be answered by other lies, the truth is harder to deal with. It isn't really answerable or spinnable, although they are doing their best. Their best, as you see, is turning up the volume. They think a bigger lie might work where the smaller ones weren't. Except that the bigger lie is always less subtle, and therefore an even bigger target for the truth.

Nonetheless, they think that these projects may create enough confusion to convince you I am crazy. They are trying to create a competition in your head, where either I am crazy, you are crazy, or the entire world is crazy. They don't think you have the stamina or fortitude to choose either me or yourself against the entire world. You and I can't be right here, they will say, because that would make hundreds or thousands of people on the internet wrong. It would mean hundreds or thousands of people are lying their asses off for money, including the actress who played Dolly—who is denying she ever wore braces. But I have shown you piles of evidence in past papers that not only hundreds or thousands of people are lying, but millions. Literally millions of people are working for Intelligence one way or another, and many or most of them are paid liars. So you better to learn to trust yourself and face the truth: you are surrounded by mass deception, on a worldwide scale.

I found more evidence of the psyop at Wikipedia, on that page for False Memory. There they remind of the 2016 Nova episode Memory Hackers, where Dr. Julia Shaw gives us a 6-part recipe for installing false memories:

First is creating an atmosphere of trust by establishing expertise and authority. Follow with interviewing the participant about real memories, reinforcing and encouraging vivid recollection upon the next session. The third step is to introduce a false memory. The fourth step is to commence imagination inflation, where subjects are guided to focus attention on retrieving a memory using actual details from their past. The fifth step is to apply social pressure indicating that the technique works for most people, thus making the subject try harder to recall details. Finally, ask leading questions.

So if you think these people wouldn't mess with your head, think again. They do it, admit it, and then tell you their methods. Wikipedia admits that despite the public finding the planting of false memories to be objectionable or even immoral, there are no laws against it. We may assume the same is true of mass gaslighting. Even if we prove the CIA (or other entity) is doing this, since it isn't illegal they can just shrug their shoulders, tweak the program, and try again.

You may also wish to remind yourself of the plot of Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four, where a major device is the Ministry of Truth, whose main job is rewriting history. One way they do that is by altering old films. So although you aren't living in a hologram, in some ways you are living in a stageplay based on that book. Although dressing it as fiction, agent Orwell told you what they were doing and what they were planning to do. His job was prepping your mind for the near future, so that it wouldn't seem so novel to you. You could slot your new experience, forgetting who put the slot there, or even that there was a slot.

This is the world you are living in, which is far more insidious than any glitchy hologram. But though it is more insidious, it is—at the same time—more amenable to your response. There would be nothing you could do about a glitchy hologram or overlapping universes. But you can fix this current problem with a flick of your own switch. Just stop believing these people. Don't buy what they are selling, whether it is history, psychology, art, science, or medicine. Tell them to take their projects elsewhere, preferably up their own behinds. And tell them to send their bills somewhere else as well.

That was always the plot hole in Nineteen Eight-Four, you know. It relied on a populace completely unaware of the truth. If the masses had become aware of the Matrix there, they would have balked, and no amount of brainwashing could counteract that—not with all the eyeball munching rats in the world. That is where the governors have failed. In having to promote these ridiculous Mandela Effect psyops, they are admitting we are aware of the distortions. We have seen OZ behind the curtain, and the game is up. At this point, no amount of flashing lights, smoke machines, or circus patter is going to make any difference. Trust, once lost, cannot be regained.