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Opinion Series

12/29/06, Redacted! commentary on the redacted op-ed at the New York Times.
12/11/06, Artist's Statement on the Triptych, another old statement I found and just added to the site.
12/09/06, For Sophia, concerning objectivism in art.
12/06/06, Censored, by Yahoo et. al.
11/21/06, An Art Experiment, in color and chirality that you can try at home.
11/11/06, "Postwar" Art, in which WW2 is moved back to 1890.
11/05/06, Stein v. Krugman, in which I go very far afield.
10/29/06, A Cennini Flamewar, with Rob Howard.
10/17/06, The Wiki Mandarins, a critique of Wikipedia.
10/11/06, The Lastman in Comedy, on freedom of speech.
9/19/06, A Turtle he goes a Arting, the first in a series by that world reknowned literary icon and word finesser, Tom Turtle.
9/17/06, An Open Letter to the National Portrait Gallery, anyone who likes may sign the letter and join my protest.
9/11/06, The National Portrait Competition, a review of the 2006 Outwin Boochever Award.
8/26/06, A Note on Technique, this note has been at the top of my thumbs pages for a while, but for those who have missed it I add a more obvious link here.
8/22/06, Letter to the MacArthur Foundation, concerning contradictions in the website "overview" page.
8/19/06, Bad Boy of the Latin Club, a silly interlude now linked from my bio page.
8/03/06, Sexual Politics and our Children, more iconoclasm in yet another arena.
7/25/06, An Email from Saatchi Gallery, yes, you read that right.
7/24/06, More Sleight of Hand from the WSJ, a response to an article from The Wall Street Journal.
5/31/06, A Review of Van Nielsen, a long review of Van and the rest of the world.
5/5/06, Claudio Bravo at Marlborough Gallery, London., a review of the exhibition.
3/7/06, A Review of the Paul Oxborough Exhibition, London, a wide-ranging review of the realist market, using Oxborough's exhibition as a convenient lightning rod.
2/1/06, A Million Little Pieces of @#$%, commentary on truth in art, etc.

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