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2005 Weekly
Opinion Series
e divertimenti

1/20/2005 A Review of Roger Kimball's The Rape of the Masters
1/20/2005 Letter to the NEA, a letter from early 2005 to Dana Gioia, Chairman, and a response.
1/29/2005 The Day after Groundhog Day will Never be the Same.
[On the discontinuation of traditional art classes at George Washington University].
2/10/2005 On Talent.
2/17/2005 Arthur Danto.
[A follow-up article on Arthur Danto]
2/22/2005 MoMA Redux.
[A follow-up article to MoMA and Dada]
3/05/2005 Fired by ARC.
3/20/2005 New Realism.
3/27/2005 The ARC Salon.
4/05/2005 Conversations at Goodart.
4/11/2005 A Defense of Human Beauty.
4/21/2005 A Note on Triptych Altarpieces.
4/29/2005 Hughes at the Guardian.
[A letter to the critic Robert Hughes in London]
5/12/2005 ARC Breaks Copyright Law.
5/18/2005 A reply to John Carey's What Good are the Arts?
5/25/2005 The Greatest Irony
[A follow-up on John Carey]
6/3/2005 Words of the Day: "Offend" and "Intend"
[A Reply to Paul Soderberg's
Storm Warning to the Art World]
6/13/2005 The Many Failures of Modernism.
6/20/2005 Tolstoy's What is Art?
6/30/2005 Nietzsche v. the Amish.
7/28/2005 John Ruskin
10/26/2005 The Practical Artist
11/20/2005 Reply to Maureen Dowd
12/12/2005 A Letter from the Front
12/15/2005 Relevance as Shibboleth
12/17/2005 Calypso's Cave
[an ebook of poetry]
12/30/2005 The Tess Book.

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