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The Best Art Writings of Miles Mathis

2022, Brad Pitt, Artiste Manque. Also Nick Cave and Thomas Houseago.

2022, Already One Less Vermeer. See addendum, where I address new spin from the National Gallery.

2022, Which Witch is Which? More Botticellis to study.

2022, Another Fake Painting of Christ Pretend-Sells for $45 Million. I out three fake Botticellis.

2022, Made You Look. I pull apart this art documentary from 2020.

2021, An Art Lesson. Also a review, a critique, a memoir, and everything else.

2021, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Theft was an Inside Job. And the paintings stolen were all fakes.

2021, The Girl with a Pearl Earring is Fake. And so are most other Vermeers. Also an unexpected link to Raphael's Sistine Madonna.

2021, Burning Man and Modern Art. Confirmation that Burning Man is a military project.

2019, Dark MOFO. We go to Tasmania and look the small-case devil in the eye.

2019 A Salvator Mundi Update. I despin some of the most recent propaganda, including the link to Trump-Russia.

2018 Modernism is Fascism. I return to my old style of art counter-criticism, berserking the new critics.

2018 Jerry Saltz Hits New Lows. Do you really want to ask this guy “How to be an Artist”?

2017 Yes, the Leonardo Painting is a Fake. But there is so much more to the story.

2017 Mr. Turner. I analyze the 2014 film on the artist Turner, discovering far more than I ever thought to.

2016 Mabel Dodge Luhan was a Spook. Plus extended analysis of Georgia O'Keeffe and others.

2015 The “Artists” Duncan and Blake faked their Deaths. I fully unravel this old mystery from 2007.

2014, More on Propaganda in Art, including another look at Bo Bartlett.

2014 Money Laundering in the Art Market. I file a suspicious transaction report on the entire 20th century.

2014, Tim's Vermeer: More CIA Propaganda. I expose this recent art documentary for what it is.

A Review of The Painted Word. 38 years late, but worth waiting for.

2013 The Stolen Century. I reveal a century of deception.

2013, From Theosophy to the Beat Generation, or, how even the Occult was Disguised. Including proof that MOMA is the CIA's Museum.

2013, The CIA and Art.  We look at Shepard Fairey's career, especially his OBEY line of propaganda.

2012 The Destruction of the Artist. The Chuck Connelly story.

2012 On Meyer Schapiro. Another counter-critique of 20th century propaganda.

2012 A Nation of Scabs. Why the Realist market collapsed.

2011, Why I don't exhibit in Taos.  A critique of the galleries and of the Taos Fall Arts Festival.

2011, Modern Art as a Market Derivative or Credit/Default Swap.  I show that Modern Art is a derivative with no underlying asset.

2011 The Chapman Bros., Goya, and the Critics, where I say what no one else is saying.

2011 The Mona Lisa Curse. We look at Robert Hughes' film.

2011, Adam Gopnik and Jacob Collins,  a review of Gopnik's "review" in the New Yorker.

2011, Clive Bell and Formalism.  A counter-critique of his book Art, from 1913. This counter-critique might be called Whistler versus the Post-Impressionists.

2011, The Rise of Corporate Art.  The continuing evisceration of realism by realists.

2010 Prince Gimmick, a counter-critique of Chuck Close.

2010 Agnes Martin, and the psychological causes of Modernism.

2010 A Review of Tim Eitel and Pace Wildenstein Gallery, including a counter-critique of Arne Glimcher.

2010 Balls in a Basket. A review of a New York Times Review of a big show at the New Museum, including a counter-critique of Jeffrey Deitch.

2009, A Review of Bo Bartlett at Forum Gallery, including passing commentary on other artists at Forum and John Pence Gallery.

2009 Dennis Hopper, Double-Fake Artist. A review of Dennis Hopper, the Harwood Museum, Taos, and Hopper's buddies, including Larry Bell.

2009 On Balls and James Joyce, a critique of Ulysses, the Modern Library list of novels, and modern fiction in general.

2009, The Venice Biennale 2009.  A counter-critique of Art in America and "Art" in Venice.

2009, Futurism and Stuckism. I have petitioned Parliament to investigate the BBC, for propaganda in the arts section.

2009 The Turner Prize. Excoriation of Britain's biggest prize, including commentary on Madonna, Dennis Hopper, and Nicolas Serota.

2009 A Return to the Hockney-Falco "Thesis." A thorough bludgeoning of Hockney, Falco and David Stork.

2009 The Holeness of Jasper Johns. A counter-critique of Johns and his minions.

2009 Philip Pearlstein and the Plastic Nude. Letting the air out of his long, fake promotion.

2009, Contra Dave Hickey,  against the art critic.

2008 Currin Again. A third stab at the artist John Currin.

2007, Walter Pater against the 20th century.  "The School of Giorgione" destroys an entire century of art and art criticism.

2007, Nietzsche contra Modern Art.  The Case of Wagner as a text for critiquing Modernity.

2007 Chance Abutmenting. A counter-critique of the current art critic at the New Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl.

2007 Contra Jerry Saltz. A counter-critique of the current art critic at the New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz.

2006 The National Portrait Competition.  A dismantling of the cooption of realism by another cabal of New York phonies, including Carolyn Carr, Trevor Fairbrother, Brandon Fortune, Thelma Golden, Marc Pachter, and Katy Siegel.

2006 Claudio Bravo at Marlborough Gallery. An amusing review of Bravo.

2006 A Review of Paul Oxborough. An expanded review, where I mention many things, including some praise of Paul.

2005 New Realism. An overview of contemporary realism, by a current player.

2005 A Review of John Carey, art critic for the Sunday Times, London.

2005 The Many Failures of Modernism. A historical overview of Modernism, by an artist.

2004 Why a Painter Writes.

2004 The Cardboard Dragon. A counter-critique of 20th century art, by going to a Sotheby's auction.

2004 MOMA and Dada, a review of MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1999 The Future of Art. This was published in Art Collector/Art Connoisseur magazine, before I became too controversial for the contemporary art press. Part 1 of 3.

1999 Art Now. This was published in Art Collector/Art Connoisseur magazine, part 3 of 3. It shows you how quickly I moved from an intellectual style to a direct and emotional style. Some will remember the calm of part 1 fondly, but I have always been partial to the sturm und drang of this part 3.

1997 The Art of the Lastman, a review of 20th century art, using Nietzsche as my guide.

1996 Dante contra Danto, a counter-critique of the Nation's art critic, Arthur Danto, where I go down to Hades to hear it from Van Gogh's own lips.

1995 A Letter from the Artist. One of my earlist extended treatises on art, where I hit many topics. Whistler is my guide here.

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