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Essays 2018

NEW PAPER, added 12/31/18, Jimmy Stewart. Where we discover more things about Jimmy, and also about some other famous people connected to him.

PAPER UPDATE, added 12/28/18, What is Really Going on behind the Nuclear Programs? We look at more recent misdirection, including that of Catherine Austin Fitts.

NEW PAPER, added 12/27/18, Making the Connection. More on Solar Minimum, and what they aren't telling you.

NEW PAPER, added 12/22/18, More Bits and Bobs. Where we learn more about John Kennedy Toole, El Chapo, Jared Leto, Elon Musk, Richard Nixon, and cats.

NEW PAPER, added 12/20/18, The War of the Worlds: a new view of an old con. A guest writer pulls apart this old hoax.

NEW PAPER, added 12/18/18, From Dr. Miles. How to avoid iodine poisoning.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/18, Beyond Velikovsky. More unravelling of the Velikovsky project.

NEW PAPER, added 11/29/18, Jerry Saltz Hits New Lows. Do you really want to ask this guy “How to be an Artist”?

NEW PAPER, added 11/26/18, The Mob Protection Racket Goes Mainstream. Also a brief refresher on the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, etc.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/22/18, Heath Ledger's Genealogy. I have added another page, including a bit of Terry Gilliam's genealogy and other things.

NEW PAPER, added 11/21/18, Heath Ledger's Genealogy. Also information on Bob Geldof, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Hutchence, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 11/16/18, Thousand Hoax. A guest writer blows the cover of the Thousand Oaks hoax.

NEW PAPER, added 11/12/18, H. H. Holmes: America's First Fake Serial Killer. Guest writers obliterate this one for us.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/3/18, Harry Potter. I have added a short update on p. 7.

NEW PAPER, added 11/2/18, The Lie-Go Continues. Where we go another level down the rabbit hole. I link you to my science site for this one.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/1/18, Kent State Hoax. I have found more proof the event was staged. See the photos of the blood-jumper on p. 20.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/1/18, Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax. There are several updates to this paper, if you haven't read it since it came out.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/30/18, Chris Pratt. I have discovered interesting confirmation that Tom Selleck is a Kennedy. See the section on him.

NEW PAPER, added 10/27/18, Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax. The big clue is the name Bowers, in case you don't have time to read it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/23/18, Marilyn Monroe. I have added about five pages at the end, finding some amazing genealogical links for you, including a link to Elton John.

NEW PAPER, added 10/21/18, Oprah's Genealogy. Where we tie Oprah Winfrey to all other famous people, including Elvis.

NEW PAPER, added 10/20/18, Fake Nerve Poison Attacks. A new guest writer does this one for us.

NEW PAPER, added 10/16/18, Leveson-Gower. Where we learn more about these dukes from the peerage, as well as more about the Rockefellers, Annie Besant, Bill Murray, and Orson Welles.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/15/18, O. J. Simpson. I have added a paragraph, suggesting we may need to add OJ to the gay column.

NEW PAPER, added 10/12/18, Why the Spooks usually don't bother to email me. Because they just give me the chance to publish this.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/8/18, The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving. I have added seven more pages at the end, mostly on fake passenger William Stead, but also with an idea of what may have happened to our ship.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/6/18, The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving. In a tiny update, I discover something HUGE that was already hiding in the paper: The captain of the Titanic and the head of Lloyd's at the time both had mothers named Marsh.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/3/18, The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving. I have added several more pages of important research, including being able to link Capt. Smith to the highest levels of the peerage—and the Stanleys—and the Jagiellons! See purple highlights for the new sections. Also many new photos embedded.

NEW PAPER, added 10/2/18, The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps Giving. So much to learn from the encyclopedia page!

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/30/18, Stephen Hawking's Genealogy. I have added a few comments in the section on the Taos Fall Arts Festival, which ended today.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/28/18, Thai Cave Rescue. In a short update, we learn something new.

NEW PAPER, added 9/25/18, Stephen Hawking's Genealogy. Where I continue to demolish the Hawking impostor, showing he was a total fraud in all incarnations, even the original one. Also brief commentary on Edward Witten and others. Including a tack-on about the current Taos art scene, including Paseo and Taos Fall Arts.

NEW PAPER, added 9/16/18, The Feel-Good Hoax of the Year. Which would be the fake Thai cave rescue. A new team of writers explodes this one for us.

NEW PAPER, added 9/13/18, Tupac is Still Alive. And Jewish. And Gay. Would you have expected anything less? A guest writer takes you through the whole thing, including the always important genealogies.

UPDATE, added 9/12/18, After several people have questioned claims in my bio, I have decided to post a pic of my diplomas, etc. to put that to rest.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/12/18, Bad Boy of the Latin Club. A couple of people have questioned my claim to having been National Latin Champion for two years in high school, so I have added a pic of my ribbons as proof.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/18, Fatal Mistakes: the Spinning of the Jeffrey MacDonald Case. Where we find it is all another sham.

NEW PAPER, added 8/24/18, Dorothy Stratten Faked her Death. By posing as her little sister. Sound familiar?

NEW PAPER, added 8/17/18, Stephen King: Royal Fake. By guest writer Donny Joel Osmont.

NEW PAPER, added 8/7/18, Woody Allen and the Teutonic Knights. No, seriously.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/18, Ancient Spooks: Part IV. Here Gerry finishes up with some commentary on Rome, Carthage, and other related topics. Also brief concluding remarks on the series by me.

NEW PAPER, added 8/3/18, Lawrence of Arabia. Where we unwind the Arab Revolt and other ghost stories. Also new info about Mark David Chapman, pretend assassin of John Lennon. With a tack-on about Q-Anon.

NEW PAPER, added 7/30/18, Ancient Spooks: Part III. Here is the big reveal, although most have already figured it out.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/30/18, Something for my Critics. I have updated this paper on the Google ranking of a number of my science articles, on a general search. In just the past 8 months, many have jumped up considerably, including Hollow Neon Atoms moving up to #1, and Saturn Anomaly, Galactic Rotation Problem, and Bending of Starlight all moving up to #2.

NEW PAPER, added 7/26/18, Aren't You Glad You Aren't Named James Webb Right Now? The space telescope that ate astronomy. . . twice. Also a tack-on concerning Elon Musk—another guy you wouldn't want to be right now.

NEW PAPER, added 7/25/18, The Post. Where I look closely at the 2017 film about The Washington Post, discovering many things.

NEW PAPER, added 7/23/18, Ancient Spooks: Part II. More on ancient covert ops and Jewish aristocracy.

NEW PAPER, added 7/19/18, Bits and Bobs. I have thrown together several shorter bits here that aren't necessarily linked. Or, I didn't think they were linked until I posted them together, at which point the links popped. Including commentary on Sting, Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga, Trump's most recent pardon, kittens, and Mark Zuckerberg.

NEW PAPER, added 7/17/18, Ancient Spooks: Part I. A previous guest writer is back with a long one on the foundations of both covert operations and—more broadly—the Jewish aristocracy. I save most of my comments for the end of Part IV.

NEW PAPER, added 7/13/18, Did Blackrock/Vanguard Buy the Entire World? An answer, plus other related commentary.

NEW PAPER, added 7/5/18, The Bitcoin Scam. A new guest writer blows this one.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/4/18, They Finally Retire the Stephen Hawking Impostor. This project continues to unwind in spectacular fashion, taking many others down with it. See addendum at the end.

NEW PAPER, added 7/3/18, H.P. Lovecraft. Our guest writers David and Leaf are back to do this one for us, with brief comments by me.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/2/18, Life after Waco. I have added a short update on Beverly Hills.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 6/30/18, My email provider protonmail.com has been under “extremely heavy” DDoS (denial of service) attack in the past week. This has caused admitted delays in email access, and may have caused loss of some data. So if you have trouble getting through to me, that is why. If you are thinking this may be linked to recent events aimed at me, you aren't alone.

NEW PAPER, added 6/28/18, Life after Waco. A new guest writer opens this one for us, digging into death records. I also have quite a bit to add, including some spelunking in Koresh's genealogy.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/25/18, Obama's Genealogy. Nothing about Obama, but in the section on Lennon I have inserted a new addendum on anomalies in his early bio.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/23/18, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and the Occult. I have added an interesting footnote to this paper, on Zevi and the Ottoman rulers.

NEW PAPER, added 6/14/18, Was I a Topic at Bilderberg? Possibly, with further commentary on the “Post-Truth World”.

NEW PAPER, added 6/12/18, Anatoly Fomenko and New Chronology. You may know them by their actions.

NEW PAPER, added 6/11/18, More on the Rockefellers. Looks like they are actually Livingstons/Levinsons.

NEW ADDITION, added 6/9/18, Miles' Comments. At Cutting through the Frog, I mean Fog. I have had several requests for a compilation of my comments at the recent party. I edited these down myself, so hopefully this will be useful to someone.

NEW PAPER, added 6/5/18, Vladimir Nabokov, part II. My guest writer is back with more on Vlad the Invader. I believe there will also be a part III.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/3/18, by request, I have added a section in my WRITINGS called “Best Fake Events Papers”. It lists the best papers since 2013, the first chronologically being my Beat Generation paper which got us started on all this. In addition, the papers there are grouped loosely by topic. This should make it easier for you to find the big papers of the past five years.

NEW PAPER, added 6/2/18, More for my Critics and Allies. The human mouth biting through the jackboot...forever.

NEW PAPER, added 5/29/18, Fake Police Brutality. The staging of the world moves into new territory.

NEW PAPER, added 5/24/18, What You Should Know about the Santa Fe School Shooting. It is fake, plus some other interesting things.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/21/18, My Genealogy. In the recent libel, the best apparent hit of the anonymous author was on my ancestor Lucy Werne. But I have just falsified that claim at Findagrave, indicating it was manufactured. With that, the credibility of the author is destroyed, and with it everything he says. See p. 8.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/19/18, My Genealogy. I have added a couple of short updates and addenda here.

NEW PAPER, added 5/12/18, Let's Party! A call for attendance at a little celebration.

NEW PAPER, added 5/10/18, Prose Masquerading as Poetry. Where we directly compare some mainstream poetry to mine. This should piss off a whole new set of people.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/8/18, My Genealogy. Josh has posted a reply to the latest at POM and I link to it, along with a few brief comments of my own as support.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/6/18, My Genealogy. There is a new short addendum here, worth another laugh or two.

NEW PAPER, added 5/5/18, My Genealogy. A reply to the latest hatchet job on me.

NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, A Reply to Michael Shermer and UnScientific American. Yes, it is a hot reply. How did you know?

NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, Is the Electric Universe Controlled Opposition? As it turns out, yes. I link you to my science site for this one, but it about politics more than science, so everyone can follow it.

NEW PAPER, added 4/25/18, The Sword. Where we take a hard look at rape statistics, among other things.

NEW PAPER, added 4/19/18, Modernism is Fascism. I return to my old style of art counter-criticism, berserking the new critics.

NEW PAPER, added 4/16/18, The Flat Earth Psyop: Everything Old is New Again. My guest writer Josh is back with a short paper on the roots of the Flat Earth Society, showing it was an Intel creation from the beginning. With important additions by me.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/12/18, The Austin Bombings were Faked. In a short addendum, we hear from people on the ground in Pflugerville.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/11/18, The Alamo: False Flag for a Fake Revolution. I personally have added about five pages to this paper, including research into Jim Bowie and William Travis. See p. 6.

NEW PAPER, added 4/7/18, The Alamo: False Flag for a Fake Revolution. A new guest writer does this one for us, showing another instance of faked history by the crypto-governors.

NEW PAPER, added 4/4/18, They Finally Retire the Stephen Hawking Impostor. You may know that Hawking recently “died”, but if you are not in the UK, you may not know that The Daily Mail in London reported on my outing of him as a fake two months earlier.

NEW PAPER, added 3/30/18, Vladimir Nabokov. Part one. A new guest writer does this one for us, and he is very comprehensive. He covers some of the same territory I did in my paper on Lenin, but in greater detail and with more citations. Some may like this, and some may not, but I find it useful as a confirmation of my research and conclusions. You may learn something. I did.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/29/18, John Lennon. Roger McNamee has been in the news this week criticizing Facebook, which allowed me to link him to Peter McNamee, director of Let Him Be. See p. 15.

NEW PAPER, added 3/29/18, The Dress. What color was that dress? I may be able to make that question more interesting than you thought. Or not.

NEW PAPER, added 3/25/18, The Austin Bombings were Faked. I show you things are not as you have been told.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/17/18, Mel Gibson. In a long addendum in the middle of the paper, we start by linking Mel to Errol Flynn, then go to the Mutiny on the Bounty, then to Pitcairn Island, and finally end up looking at flying saucers. I know, you have to read it to believe it.

NEW PAPER, added 3/17/18, Adam Curtis and HyperAbnormalization. Where I deconstruct a recent BBC documentary, learning many things.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/15/18, NRO2. My guest writer is back a year later to update this paper on the National Reconnaissance Office—called the second (and bigger) NASA.

NEW PAPER, added 3/13/18, The Case of Agatha Christie. In which Hercule Poirot—in a fit of pique—destroys his own creators.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/3/18, Cool Moonlight. I have added a section on the Purkinje Effect, explaining why we see a color shift at night.

NEW PAPER, added 3/2/18, Cool Moonlight. I link you to my science site for this one. Although its main subject is antiphotons and laser cooling, it will interest my readers on this site as well, since it also addresses Flat Earth, SpaceX, and other current misdirection.

NEW PAPER, added 2/22/18, The Parkland School Shootings are another See-Through Psyop. A guest writer does this one for me, in style.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/19/18, Why I don't believe in Elon Musk. In a short addendum, I attach a few more comments on SpaceX, Falcon Heavy, and Flat Earth.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/16/18, Fidel Castro. Another reader sent me an update to this paper, showing Guantanamo Bay Prison is also a fake.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/16/18, Gnostic Media looks like another Project. My readers are now feeding me information, so you might wish to take another look. I have added a few more things, including video of Holly Seeliger stripping.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/15/18, Gnostic Media looks like another Project. See two pages at the end, where a couple of readers tell me I got it wrong, but only prove I got it right. Just shows they should quit bugging me, since the last thing they should want is me doing more research on this. It just keeps getting worse.

NEW PAPER, added 2/14/18, Gnostic Media looks like another Project. Jan Irvin's new Youtube video on Salem forced me to speak out.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/14/18, Hitler's Genealogy. I have added a few paragraphs on the fact the mainstream now admits Hitler was gay. I didn't know that when I first published this. See p. 23.

NEW PAPER, added 2/9/18, Why I think the USA Gymnastics Fracas is Fake. I show you lots of evidence. Make up your own mind.

NEW PAPER, added 2/7/18, Black Swan. A positive review. Yes, you read that right.

NEW PAPER, added 1/29/18, Why I don't like Lady Bird. Another spook production. I also do Greta Gerwig's genealogy.

NEW PAPER, added 1/28/18, The Supremes. Where we look closely at the nine Justices, finding something you might not expect.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/24/18, Like Everything Else, Chess is Fixed. In a long addendum, I analyze one of last year's games between top computers, again proving a throw.

NEW PAPER, added 1/23/18, The Marfa Lights and the Taos Hum. A bit lighter fare this week.

NEW PAPER, added 1/19/18, More WWII Fakes. Where we find many more pasted-up photos. I also do Churchill's genealogy here, for all you who love genealogies.

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