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Essays 2020

NEW PAPER, added 12/29/20, David Lynch. Guest writer John James does this one for us, with some additions by me.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 12/26/20, Best of the Year. Vote for your favorite paper of 2020 in several categories, and drop a comment at Cutting Through the Fog. You have 70 of my papers on the art site to choose from, as well as 25 guest papers. Also 25 new papers on the science site.

NEW PAPER, added 12/23/20, Henry Lee Lucas: another fake serial killer. Also blowing the cover of the Deaton murder and the Walsh murder, and tying Morgan Grenfell to the whole lot.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/20, President McKinley: another fake assassination. Also commentary on the assassination of King Umberto and other topics.

NEW PAPER, added 12/4/20, The Big Smoothing Cheat. Where we see NASA, NOAA, and others fudging and hiding data from us in spectacular ways, to distort the start of Solar Cycle 25.

NEW PAPER, added 12/1/20, Solar Cycles: Miles v. the Mainstream. My Dutch collaborator Steven Oostdijk has written a long paper comparing my predictions to the mainstream's. In short, the current hard spike in numbers coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a body blow to current dynamo theory. It confirms my charge models with huge exclamation points.

NEW PAPER, added 11/27/20, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, part I. A returning guest writer tells us more about this.

NEW PAPER, added 11/25/20, Jane Austen, Social Engineer. A new guest writer tells us some things about Austen we probably didn't know. I have also updated the election paper.

NEW PAPER, added 11/22/20, The Aaron Schaffhausen Murders were Fake. This one is by request.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/18/20, Antifa-ke. I have added more proof Antifa is a CIA creation. I have also updated the Pompeo and election papers below.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/12/20, Mike Pompeo. We have discovered more about Pompeo's genealogy. He is of course Phoenician Navy.

NEW PAPER, added 11/11/20, Mike Pompeo. Jack from the Antipodes tells us a bit about Mike, including a tidbit about the current crisis.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/10/20, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. I have added several more updates here, including one outing Dr. Shiva as a fake mathematician.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/8/20, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. I have updated this paper several times today, and you can expect I will continue to update it many times over the next month.

NEW PAPER, added 11/8/20, A Fake Court Battle in Minnesota. Guest writer Russell Sackett is back with an exposé of this fraud.

NEW PAPER, added 11/6/20, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. Your brain has been hacked again.

NEW PAPER, added 11/1/20, The Trial of the Chicago 7. Where we take a close look at this recent Netflix film.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/30/20, Tate/Manson. I have added genealogies for van Houten, Krenwinkel, Watson, and Atkins, showing they are all peerage cousins of Manson and of one another, putting another dagger into the mainstream story. See p. 75.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/29/20, Tate/Manson. More info on Charlie's genealogy, see p. 74.

NEW ART, added 10/28/20, click to see larger images.

NEW PAPER, added 10/25/20, Movie Stars. A friend helps me answer recent criticism. That's a nice change.

NEW PAPER, added 10/18/20, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. Another one bites the dust.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/17/20, The Zodiac Murders were Faked. I have just updated this paper from 2014, due to the fact that the French serial killer expert Stephan Bourguin has now admitted he made it all up, including the fake death of his non-existent wife. See p. 31.

NEW PAPER, added 10/11/20, Otto Frederick Warmbier. A new Dutch writer blows this CIA story from 2017.

NEW PAPER, added 10/9/20, Spooky Times in Maysville. A new guest writer tells us more about George Clooney. I have also updated the Covid paper below.

NEW PAPER, added 10/7/20, Covid Hits a Wall. An international team of lawyers and scientists are filing a huge class-action against the perpetrators of this fraud, claiming Crimes Against Humanity. In so doing, they confirm everything I have been telling you since March.

PAPER UPDATES, added 10/3/20, I have added updates to several papers, including my paper on Harvey Weinstein, my paper on Kurt Cobain (see p. 16), my paper on Woody Allen (see p. 7), and my paper on the Golden Suicides (see p. 7).

NEW PAPER, added 9/30/20, Who are the Rothschilds? I may have an answer for you.

NEW PAPER, added 9/24/20, Long Jump. Commentary on track and field, as well as sexual politics.

NEW PAPER, added 9/22/20, The US Open. Where we look at the recent golf tournament.

NEW PAPER, added 9/21/20, Crashing the Castle of Cagliostro, part 1. Philip Cox tells us more about the Goths and other things.

NEW PAPER, added 9/18/20, James Franco. A guest writer tells us a bit more about Franco.

NEW PAPER, added 9/11/20, Ghost Writer, 2010. A gloriously negative review of this old flim.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/10/20, The State of the Art in Physics Propaganda. A reader and I discovered some interesting things about that astrolabe, possibly even linking O'Dowd to Al-Khalili.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/20, The State of the Art in Physics Propaganda. I send you over to my science site for this one, where we look closely at a couple of PBS and BBC documentaries.

NEW PAPER, added 9/3/20, The CIA Overthrow of Guatemala. I link you to a mainstream source for once, where you can do your own despinning.

NEW PAPER, added 9/1/20, The Infiltrated Revolution. I take a look at the big Covid protests of this week.

NEW PAPER, added 9/1/20, British Abolition: Another massive taxpayer heist. Guest writer Leaf Garrit is back to expose this fraud, including outing the major spook William Wilberforce.

NEW PAPER, added 8/30/20, The CDC all but admits Covid is Fake. I run some numbers for you.

NEW PAPER, added 8/26/20, Old Reading Material. A few more recommendations by request. The footnote on Dostoyevsky may be the most interesting part of this paper.

NEW PAPER, added 8/23/20, Social Justice Warriors. Another project brought to you by the Phoenician Navy.

NEW PAPER, added 8/19/20, The Cheshire Murders were Fake. More famous murderers related to princesses.

NEW PAPER, added 8/17/20, NBC is pushing my Parallel. I explode another Q story.

NEW PAPER, added 8/14/20, The Illogical Pogrom against Cats.

NEW PAPER, added 8/10/20, The Hannah Duston Story is Fake. A guest writer does this one for us.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/20, The Coin Paradox. The SAT question everyone got wrong. Or did they?

NEW PAPER, added 8/4/20, Monkey Business. A new guest writer tells us about the current vaccine trials.

NEW PAPER, added 8/2/20, Thomas Jefferson, part two. With analysis of other players, including the Hamilton/Burr duel and Talleyrand.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/31/20, More Fake Riots. I have added some information to the footnote.

NEW PAPER, added 7/30/20, You've Got Mail. A short film review, about 22 years late.

NEW PAPER, added 7/29/20, More Fake Riots. I show you how to see for yourself that the riots are fake.

NEW PAPER, added 7/28/20, Tim Ferriss. I uncloak several more big phonies.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/25/20, Tartaria. I have added a few interesting things here. See addendum and last footnote.

NEW PAPER, added 7/24/20, Tartaria. Don't worry, I'm not selling it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/22/20, John Brown. I have added a lot of photos to this one, as promised, bringing it alive. See p. 3.

NEW PAPER, added 7/17/20, Bad Thinkers, Bad Writers, Bad Debaters. Some fun with Aeon.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/17/20, The Lincoln Assassination was Faked. I have added about a page to this one. See p. 21.

NEW PAPER, added 7/14/20, Thomas Jefferson, part one. Another founding father falls.

NEW PAPER, added 7/11/20, The Day After. Where we look back 37 years at this old TV film.

NEW PAPER, added 7/11/20, Question Authority? Or be a bug?

NEW PAPER, added 7/9/20, Some of my Recent Posts at CTTF. Which you may be interested in.

NEW PAPER, added 7/9/20, What is a Parallel? It is a psyop term.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/7/20, Where is the ACLU? A second addendum on this one. Plus some more on Frankfurter and various State Governors.

NEW PAPER, added 7/5/20, The Fake RevolutionI talk you down from the tree again.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/3/20, Where is the ACLU? While I was writing this paper, a judge in Illinois threw out the Governor's covid orders as unconstitutional. See addendum for more.

NEW PAPER, added 7/2/20, Where is the ACLU? Nowhere, that's where. Also more on Sacco and Vanzetti.

NEW PAPER, added 6/30/20, The British Museum Sword. Where I offer a pretty straightforward solution.

NEW PAPER, added 6/26/20, The English Revolution. Where I hit Charles I, Cromwell, Milton, Mary Tudor, and much more.

NEW PAPER, added 6/20/20, The Shining Path was Faked. Where we look at Peru, Marxism, and much more.

NEW PAPER, added 6/18/20, The Atlanta Wendy's Fake. Guest writer Patrick is back to hit this one briefly, with extensive additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 6/17/20, The Ridolfi Plot was Faked. Also more on the Popish Plot and the Monmouth Rebellion.

NEW PAPER, added 6/14/20, Fake Riots Fake Division. Reminding you to focus.

NEW PAPER, added 6/10/20, The Bail Companies are at it Again. The manufactured riots betray project number 4. We look at the Minnesota Freedom Fund and other things.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/9/20, The Hindenburg Story takes a Dive. I have added another few pages to this one, making some explosive links.

NEW PAPER, added 6/8/20, The Sumner Caning Never Happened. An interesting paper for Civil War history buffs from a new guest writer.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/6/20, The George Floyd Killing was Faked. I have added brief comments from another reader at the bottom.

NEW PAPER, added 6/5/20, The Anne Frank Fake. A guest writer blows this one sky-high.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/4/20, The Hindenburg Story takes a Dive. I have added a few pages here at the end.

NEW PAPER, added 6/2/20, The Hindenburg Story takes a Dive. Oh the Humanity.

NEW PAPER, added 5/31/20, The George Floyd Killing was Faked. Russell Sackett does the first round for us here, with important additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 5/29/20, Breonna Taylor is Fake. And so is the aftermath. From reader Patrick.

NEW PAPER, added 5/27/20, The 911 Passengers. Perhaps some news on that front.

NEW PAPER, added 5/22/20, Mata Hari's Trial and Execution were Faked.

NEW PAPER, added 5/20/20, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Two more down.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/20/20, Obama's Genealogy. See p. 3, where I show you a few new things.

NEW PAPER, added 5/15/20, John Calvin. A guest writer extends my recent comments about Calvin, telling us a whole lot more.

NEW PAPER, added 5/14/20, Another Word to the Wise. Concerning corona pushback.

NEW PAPER, added 5/13/20, The Ahmaud Arbery Murder was Faked. A guest writer returns to do this one for us, with additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 5/10/20, The Greatest Heist ever Sold. Corona as a cover for a $2 trillion heist.

NEW PAPER, added 5/8/20, John Knox. Where I hit Knox, Mary Stuart, and others. This is where I prove Henry VII was the son of Stanley. Also some info on the Pythons.

NEW PAPER, added 5/4/20, Isaac Newton. I do Newton's genealogy, and a whole lot more.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/28/20, Bind, Torture, Kill. . . Lie about Everything. I figured out what the spotted goat is, see addendum.

NEW PAPER, added 4/26/20, Another Pretend Pedophile. I explode the Vahey story of 2016.

NEW PAPER, added 4/25/20, Bind, Torture, Kill. . . Lie about Everything. Where I hit the fake BTK strangler, taking down another serial killer.

NEW PAPER, added 4/20/20, More Sex-baiting from MI6/CIA. Another couple of Men-are-Pigs projects, including opening comments on Nova Scotia.

NEW PAPER, added 4/18/20, Nelson Mandela. A guest writer from South Africa does this one for us, with extensive additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/20, Covid-19: what they don't tell you. A guest writer shows the numbers don't add up.

NEW PAPER, added 4/14/20, Einstein's Genealogy. This helps us understand the Einstein machine.

NEW PAPER, added 4/12/20, John Prine. Guest writer Russell Sackett is back to do this one for us, with many additions by me.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/8/20, Obama's GenealogyI have discovered a few new things about Obama, see p. 3.

NEW PAPER, added 4/8/20, No, Rodney Howard-Browne was not Arrested. A guest writer does this one for us.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/2/20, Where Did All the Phoenicians Go? I have added another page at the end on Waddell's book on the subject.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/29/20, Chris Pratt. I have learned something interesting about Tom Selleck. See p. 5.

NEW PAPER, added 3/28/20, More on the Coronahoax. A few closing comments on this project.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/28/20, Watergate Unstoppered. I have added a paragraph on Richard Helm's genealogy, which helps here. See p. 8.

NEW PAPER, added 3/19/20, Yes, this is a Test. But not the test they think it is.

NEW PAPER, added 3/15/20, Where Did All the Phoenicians Go? Long time passing.

NEW PAPER, added 3/14/20, The Coronavirus Hoax. A guest writer gets us started on this one.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/11/20, The Lincoln Assassination. I show that we now have the grand slam: Lincoln was a gay Jewish actor who faked his death. See p. 29.

NEW PAPER, added 3/8/20, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Where I pull this flim apart for you.

NEW PAPER, added 3/5/20, Old Economy Steven. Where I show this new meme comes right out of Langley or somewhere.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/5/20, A Further Update on Solar Minimum Sickness. I have added some comments at the end. Will this never end?

NEW PAPER, added 3/5/20, Science Propaganda Continues to Accelerate. I send you to my science site for this one, in case you missed it. There is no math.

NEW PAPER, added 3/2/20, American Moon. Where we look closely at the 2017 film by that name, learning many things. This is also where to find my short expose on Chernobyl.

NEW PAPER, added 2/29/20, Westboro Baptist Church is Fake. A guest author does this one for us.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/27/20, The Amber Alert is to Manufacture Fear. . . and Distrust and Division. I have added two separate updates mid-paper here.

NEW PAPER, added 2/25/20, The Amber Alert is to Manufacture Fear. . . and Distrust and Division. I pull apart this nest of stories, including the Polly Klaas event.

NEW PAPER, added 2/19/20, The 22 July Massacre in Norway was Fake, part 5. A guest writer from Norway continues my 4-parter on Anders Breivik, discovering some tasty additions.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/9/20, Why I No Longer Believe in the Abductions of Elizabeth Smart or Kristin SmartI have discovered something else interesting about the Smarts. See addendum at end.

NEW PAPER, added 2/19/20, A Further Update on Solar Minimum Sickness. At last I discover the cause of my symptoms.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/17/20, A Real Memory Test. OK, here is my score, plus a lot more commentary and divertissement.

NEW PAPER, added 2/16/20, The Nuclear Family was (Not) a Mistake. My response to the current cover story at The Atlantic.

NEW PAPER, added 2/14/20, A Real Memory Test. How many kids names do you remember?

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/14/20, I am Being Actively Censored. I have added a paragraph, calling for a boycott of Google.

NEW PAPER, added 2/12/20, I am Being Actively Censored. And shadowed and slandered and blackwashed. Here is proof.

NEW PAPER, added 2/9/20, Why I No Longer Believe in the Abductions of Elizabeth Smart or Kristin SmartBecause I finally read the stories closely.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/18/20, Lift on a WingIn a new addendum, we see that Scientific American has just admitted the mainstream doesn't know why planes fly. That is the subtitle of their article this month, “The Enigma of Flight”. Wow. Read that article and then (re)read my 2012 paper.

NEW PAPER, added 1/17/20, Those Damn Liberals! A clarification for some of my readers.

NEW PAPER, added 1/15/20, The Matthew Shepard Murder was Fake. A guest reader returns to do this one for us.

NEW PAPER, added 1/13/20, The Minimum Wage. Another planned tragedy. Also a short tack-on about the Royals Flap.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/8/20, The Fires of AustraliaA bit more info on Watson, plus a link.

NEW PAPER, added 1/7/20, The Fires of AustraliaI remind you of door number three.

NEW PAPER, added 1/6/20, Ballooning SpidersNo, that isn't the latest band from Seattle, it is proof of my charge field. I send you to my science site for this one.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/5/20, Jimi HendrixI have added several footnotes, most of them supplied to me by a reader.

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