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Essays 2021

NEW SERIES, added 12/25/21, The Bunion. The first in a possible new series.

NEW PAPER, added 12/25/21, An Art Lesson. Also a review, a critique, a memoir, and everything else.

BEST OF THE YEAR VOTE, added 12/25/21, Drop into Cutting Through the Fog and vote for your favorite paper of the year in several categories. If you so desire. And supposing I don't write it in the next week.

NEW PAPER, added 12/22/21, Bad Conspiracy Theorists”. A response to Murray Rothbard and Infowars, and more.

PAPER UPDATE, added 12/17/21, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Theft was an Inside Job. Where we look at parts 3 and 4 of the Netflix documentary.

NEW PAPER, added 12/17/21, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Theft was an Inside Job. And the paintings stolen were all fakes. Also an outing of Whitey Bulger as as a G-man.

NEW PAPER, added 12/16/21, A Coal Miner's Daughter? I do Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, and also Dolly Parton.

NEW PAPER, added 12/15/21, The Boneyard Killers are Fake. Starring Lancelot Lake!

NEW PAPER, added 12/11/21, The Girl with a Pearl Earring is Fake. And so are most other Vermeers. Also an unexpected link to Raphael's Sistine Madonna.

NEW PAPER, added 12/9/21, Laci Peterson: another Men-are-Pigs Project. The usual.

NEW PAPER, added 12/5/21, The Real Divisions.

NEW PAPER, added 11/30/21, NFTs and Bitcoin are about Money Laundering. Also commentary on Pete Buttigieg and Fauci, including genealogies.

NEW PAPER, added 11/28/21, The Unlovely Bones. I hit Alice Sebold, as well as Raymond Carver and others.

NEW PAPER, added 11/27/21, The Jesuits. Lots of photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 11/25/21, Herbert Marcuse. Another one down.

NEW PAPER, added 11/24/21, And You Thought the Theosophy Project had Ended? It has only accelerated. Including comment on Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood, and Ariane Sherine.

NEW PAPER, added 11/22/21, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. More proof this was a big fake.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/20/21, Natalie Wood = Natasha Romanov. I have added many photos of Natalie and Anastasia as children, so you can compare them yourself.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/19/21, A General Update. A final wrap-up on the Rittenhouse case has been added.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/16/21, A General Update. I have extended this paper a third time, with important updates on the Solar Cycle as well as on Kyle Rittenhouse. You may wish to read it again from the top, since it gets stronger every time. I have now shown that Rittenhouse, the judge, and the prosecutor are related. The usual.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/15/21, A General Update. A second update on the Rittenhouse fake event/fake trial. See p. 3.

NEW PAPER, added 11/13/21, Return on Investment. Where we look at college degrees.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/11/21, A General Update. I have updated this update with a short section on Rittenhouse's appearance on the stand in that fake trial.

NEW PAPER, added 11/10/21, Vaccine Approval for Children? No. You are once again being yanked by Pfizer, the government, and the bought mainstream media. The crime against humanity continues.

NEW PAPER, added 11/9/21, A General Update. A general update, including comments on charge, Astroworld, Rittenhouse, Baldwin, Petito, and Jan. 6.

NEW PAPER, added 11/5/21, Guy Fawkes. A guest writer goes deep on this one.

NEW PAPER, added 11/3/21, George Bernard Shaw. Where I expose him, the Webbs, Annie Besant, and many others.

NEW PAPER, added 10/30/21, The Leaders of Post-war Europe were also Jewish. Focusing on Adenauer, Waldheim, and Auriol, but also info on Tito, Entebbe, Idi Amin, Munich, Anne of Cleves, Spandau, Neurath, Hess, Brunel, and the PLO.

NEW PAPER, added 10/26/21, More Nazi Fakes. Fauxtographs and so much more.

NEW PAPER, added 10/24/21, George Smoot Crashes and Burns. I send you to my science site for this one, where I uncloak another Nobel Prize Winner and another gaslighting project.

NEW PAPER, added 10/21/21, The Alex Jones Fake Trial. Also the Fiston Ngoy fake.

NEW PAPER, added 10/20/21, The University of Texas Tower Shooting was Faked. Better than the usual.

NEW PAPER, added 10/16/21, The Death of Kitty Genovese was Faked. The usual.

NEW PAPER, added 10/14/21, Global Business Network, the finale. My guest writer is back with part III.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/12/21, Our Buildings are all WrongAnd so are our underwear. See last page.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/10/21, RomeI have added a couple of very interesting updates to this one, plus a footnote.

NEW PAPER, added 10/7/21, Why Mercury in Retrograde is a Real Thing. And how it works, using the charge field. You haven't seen this anywhere before.

NEW PAPER, added 10/5/21, RomeWhere we look at its founding, Caesar, Cleopatra, and others.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/1/21, This Week's NewsI have added a few things here, including at the end and in the body of the paper.

NEW PAPER, added 9/30/21, This Week's NewsIncluding Gabby Petito.

NEW PAPER, added 9/29/21, A Letter from SpartacusI am reprinting an anonymous online letter on Covid and the current crisis.

NEW PAPER, added 9/28/21, Cat Lives MatterPlus an update on recharging your house and body.

NEW PAPER, added 9/26/21, 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid CribsheetA link to the Off-Guardian.

NEW PAPER, added 9/26/21, The Minds of Billy Milligan. And the simple minds of readers and viewers.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/19/21, NXIVM is a Total Fraud. I have added about 7 pages to this, mixed in all over. So you may want to read it again.

NEW PAPER, added 9/17/21, NXIVM is a Total Fraud. And not the fraud you think.

NEW PAPER, added 9/14/21, 911 Rolls Round Again. We closely analyze the recent Atlantic article.

NEW PAPER, added 9/11/21, Our Buildings are All Wrong. They should channel charge, but don't.

NEW PAPER, added 9/10/21, Ben and Jerry Boycotting Israel? You have to be kidding me.

NEW PAPER, added 9/4/21, Burning Man and Modern Art. Confirmation that Burning Man is a military project.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/2/21, Project UnVeritas. I have added a couple of pages to this one.

NEW PAPER, added 8/31/21, Project UnVeritas. They are blackwashing the left.

NEW PAPER, added 8/30/21, More Major Clues in the War of the Roses. Much more on the Stanleys, Howards, and Boleyns.

NEW PAPER, added 8/27/21, Michael Douglas. Also Viggo Mortensen and Sharon Stone.

PAPER UPDATE, added 8/26/21, Was the Vaccine just Approved? Nope. A bit more on this.

NEW PAPER, added 8/25/21, Was the Vaccine just Approved? Nope. Another huge bluff. Call it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 8/20/21, The Nuremberg Trials were FakedI have added four pages to this one.

NEW PAPER, added 8/18/21, Patton Faked his Death. Also extended commentary on WWII and the film Patton.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT, added 8/18/21, Several of my best old works have come back on the market, through an estate sale. The first of them is Tess and the Whippetan award-winning work from 1995. Contact me for details. This is a rare chance to get one of my very best works. The others will be posted as I get them.  

NEW PAPER, added 8/14/21, The Nuremberg Trials were Faked. Of course.

PAPER UPDATE added 8/12/21, The Beer Hall Putsch. Mark Felton on Youtube supplies us with another fake photo of Hitler to add to this paper, see p. 20.

NEW PAPER, added 8/10/21, Alex Jones again shilling for the Rich. By reprinting Mises propaganda.

NEW PAPER, added 8/8/21, America's Most Searched News. Or how the CIA has to fake its own importance and hasn't even the competence to do that. There is also an update to the Rommel paper below.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/21, Rommel was also Jewish. And a whole lot more.

PAPER UPDATE added 8/4/21, Why Are DC Police Active on January 6 Committing Suicide? Two more updates here, see p. 1 and p. 9.

NEW PAPER, added 8/3/21, Why Are DC Police Active on January 6 Committing Suicide? Answer: they aren't.

NEW PAPER, added 7/30/21, John Wayne Gacy: Another Clown Psyop. A guest writer unwinds another one for us.

PAPER UPDATE added 7/29/21, The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” was Staged. There are a couple of short updates to this at the end as well as an update on Babbitt on p. 5.

NEW PAPER, added 7/29/21, Remington Steal. I explode recent fake news.

NEW PAPER, added 7/27/21, More Proof of my Gymnastics Paper. Simone Biles quits!

NEW PAPER, added 7/26/21, Two, Two, Two Fakes in One. Where we look closer at FBI agent Trask.

NEW PAPER, added 7/22/21, My Move. Oh the humanity!

NEW PAPER, added 7/22/21, Is Blackrock Ruining the Housing Market? Of course they are, and it ain't no accident.

NEW PAPER, added 7/10/21, The Intellectual Dark Web? You have to be kidding me.

NEW PAPER, added 7/9/21, Successor Ideology. I blow this to smithereens.

NEW PAPER, added 7/7/21, Vaccine Adverse Effects. Josh is back with a continuation on this.

NEW PAPER, added 7/4/21, Independence Day Propaganda. How to sort through it.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/30/21, Several of my best old works have come back on the market, through an estate sale. The first of them is Tess and the Whippetan award-winning work from 1995. Contact me for details. This is a rare chance to get one of my very best works. The others will be posted as I get them.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/25/21, Amelia Earhart faked her Death. I have added another clue here, from Joni Mitchell, see p. 10.

BRIEF ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/17/21, Concerning my move and other things.

NEW PAPER, added 6/10/21, You Just Bought a Half Billion Deadly Vaccines. Taxation without Representation.

PAPER UPDATE added 6/6/21, The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” was Staged. See addendum, where I scoop Alex Jones by about six months.

NEW PAPER, added 6/5/21, JonBenet Ramsey: Case Solved. Another one in the can.

NEW PAPER, added 6/2/21, India: The Real Crisis. A new writer from India tells us what is really going on.

NEW PAPER, added 6/1/21, Mental Health and the Men-are-Pigs Project. I look at a recent poll from Pew.

NEW PAPER, added 5/27/21, Unwinding the 2020 US Death Count. A guest writer pulls apart the numbers.

NEW PAPER, added 5/25/21, Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments. Also some biographical info in a footnote.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/25/21, Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. Josh has provided a new link after Google censored the old one. Also he has added some information on blood clots. See p. 24.

NEW PAPER, added 5/21/21, The Isra-bluff. The war in Israel is fakefakefake.

NEW PAPER, added 5/18/21, The Stockholm Syndrome Goes UniversalWe are all hostages.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/15/21, Colonial PipelineI scooped both RT and Infowars on this one by four days. See last footnote.

NEW PAPER, added 5/13/21, Looking for a House to RentPlease help!

NEW PAPER, added 5/11/21, Colonial PipelineFAKEFAKEFAKE

NEW PAPER, added 5/10/21, Gone with the Wind. A look at the most popular movies of all time.

NEW PAPER, added 5/7/21, Martin Luther. Despinning the so-called Reformation.

NEW PAPER, added 5/2/21, Despinning Tucker Carlson. Also an update on Solar Minimum.

NEW PAPER, added 4/30/21, Whose Side is Alex Jones On? Answer: The wealthy.

NEW PAPER, added 4/29/21, The Mujahideen and other things. Including Giuliani's raid.

NEW PAPER, added 4/27/21, Polar Wandering Caused by Climate Change?  Of course not. I send you to my science site for this one. There is no math.

NEW PAPER, added 4/26/21, The Esalen Institute. A major spook hang-out, as explained by a new guest writer.

NEW PAPER, added 4/24/21, Just a Quick Note, to be sure you are getting it. Expanded to include commentary on male suicide.

NEW PAPER, added 4/21/21, Some things you may not know about the Derek Chauvin Trial. Including a bombshell concerning his father.

PAPER UPDATE , added 4/20/21, The Holy Grail. I have added a final section about the Saturn Myth.

NEW PAPER, added 4/19/21, Fake Race Wars. All the world is a stage.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/21, The Holy Grail. I have solved this one too, you know. Dan Brown is going to be pissed.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/16/21, More Fake Riots. I have added another example at the bottom of fake pepper spray.

NEW PAPER, added 4/16/21, The Way We Weren't. Brief commentary on the film The Way We Were and the actors.

NEW PAPER, added 4/15/21, 18 Reasons I Won't be Getting a Vaccine. By Christian Elliot. Reprinted from his website.

NEW PAPER, added 4/14/21, Vampires.

NEW PAPER, added 4/13/21, The Easy Solution to Title IX. A general strike by female athletes and administrators.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/12/21, Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. This paper has been updated with death figures through March 31. People are dropping dead by the thousands and the mainstream is lying about it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/11/21, The January 6 Riots were Fake. I have added a short section on Sgt. Ken Harrelson, wonder if he is related to Woody. He's a military actor, so maybe.

NEW PAPER, added 4/9/21, Sarah Everard: Theatre from across the pond. A reader from the UK does this one for us. With additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 4/8/21, Boycott the Universities! Any place requiring vaccines should be boycotted and bankrupted.

NEW PAPER, added 4/7/21, The Global Business Network, part 2More analysis of mainstream documents from the big boys.

NEW PAPER, added 4/5/21, The Most Terrifying IQ Statistic? I comment on one of Jordan Peterson's videos.

NEW PAPER, added 4/3/21, Heavy PettingI bet you can't guess what this is about.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/31/21, Natalie Wood Faked Her Death. I have already updated this one with a big discovery. And no, it isn't an April Fool's prank.

NEW PAPER, added 3/30/21, Natalie Wood Faked Her Death. We hit this one from a completely different angle, finally opening it up.

NEW PAPER, added 3/27/21, 1666: the Year the Bankers Burned London. Guest writer Donny Ahzmond is back to do this one for us.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/24/21, Alex Jones Sells it as RealI have added many pages on the Boulder event, blowing it sky high.

NEW PAPER, added 3/23/21, Alex Jones Sells it as RealWe find Alex and others selling fake events as real.

NEW PAPER, added 3/22/21, The Oklahoma City Bombing was a False FlagAnd no babies died. People searches and genealogy work really opens this one up.

NEW PAPER, added 3/18/21, The Greatest Crime Against HumanityIt isn't the Coronafake.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/17/21, The Tate MurdersThe film on Jay Sebring finally came out 11 years late, so I have added some brief commentary on that. See page 7.

NEW PAPER, added 3/15/21, We Are Top? I pull apart a large youtube channel, and more.

NEW PAPER, added 3/13/21, The Sinking of the MS Estonia was Planned. I have now done four of the top ten. Were any of the famous ones real? I doubt it.

NEW PAPER, added 3/11/21, A New Teddy Roosevelt. History is repeating itself.

NEW PAPER, added 3/9/21, Two First Fatal Car Accidents and a Murder by Chowder. A new guest writer makes some links in the extended family of Pete Seeger. If you don't like my genealogy work, you will hate this, but it does show us how the Families work.

NEW PAPER, added 3/7/21, Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. One of my readers has compiled a lot of historical and recent vaccine negatives, just for those of you thinking of getting vaccinated. This should change your mind.

PAPER UPDATE added 3/5/21, Hitler's Genealogy. I just read Bryan Rigg's Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, discovering the mainstream under-reported his main numbers by 72%. The media reported 2 field marshals, 15 generals, and 23 colonels. The actual number in the book is 2 field marshals, 20 generals, 7 admirals, and 40 colonels.

NEW PAPER, added 3/4/21, The Sinking of the Lusitania was Faked. Another one down.

PAPER UPDATES added 2/28/21, The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” was Staged. I have added a short section on the Proud Boys here, near the top. I also added a bit to the Picnic paper below.

NEW PAPER, added 2/24/21, Picnic at Hanging Rock. A review, and more. I had tried to find something lighter to discuss, with no luck. Everything connected to the Families is deep and dark.

NEW PAPER, added 2/22/21, The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” was Staged. The personal connections tell us everything, as usual.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/20/21, Howard Hughes. I have added a brief genealogy for Brando in the footnotes.

NEW PAPER, added 2/19/21, Fish in a Barrel. Where we look at a Trader Joe's event, learning many strange and wondrous things.

NEW PAPER, added 2/15/21, Howard Hughes. Where we learn many strange and not so wondrous things.

NEW PAPER, added 2/6/21, The Assassination of Garfield was also Faked. No, not the cat.

NEW PAPER, added 2/5/21, Science Hijacked by Industry: Vannevar Bush and the NSF. An old guest writer does some nice work here.

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/21, Amelia Earhart faked her Death. But not as Irene Bolam. Can you guess as who?

NEW PAPER, added 1/30/21, The Gates of MordorI have clipped another post from CTTF, if you are interested.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/29/21, Who is Klaus Schwab? A second guest writer does a book report for us on Schwab's The Great Reset.

NEW PAPER, added 1/26/21, The Great Reset? I unwind this for you.

NEW PAPER, added 1/23/21, Who is Klaus Schwab? By a new guest writer from Europe.

NEW PAPER, added 1/21/21, The Global Business Network. The Covid-19 Scenario-Planning Team, by a guest writer. There is also a final update to the Trump paper.

NEW PAPER, added 1/20/21, The Epistemology of Science. How I did what I did. Not specific to science, so my art and history readers may appreciate it as well.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/15/21, The Fake Lincoln Assassination. I have added another short paragraph and a couple of pictures of Booth to this one, in support of my research. See p. 30.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/13/21, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. I have updated this paper yet again, with some recommendations for the upcoming protests.

NEW PAPER, added 1/11/21, ARK Investing is a Total Fake. We look at Cathie Wood, linking her to some big names.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/7/21, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. I have updated this paper again, with information on Ashli Babbitt, the woman faux-killed at the Capitol building, as well as an outing of Kyle Rittenhouse. Strawberry fields, where nothing is real.

NEW PAPER, added 1/4/21, The USS Indianapolis looks like another fake. And so does Iwo Jima.

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