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Best Fake Events Papers

since 2013, grouped

As for the “real person or committee” debate, if Miles is a committee then Langley has some top-drawer people of a different order than their usual dreck. There’s such a rich and genuine depth of personality that comes through the writings that if it’s manufactured we might as well all give up and go home. —Cbear , CTTF forum

NEW PAPER, added 3/18/15, The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin. If you thought you had hit the bottom of the rabbit hole, click on the title here. Take a deep breath first, though.

NEW PAPER, added 5/24/17, Looks like JFK was Gay. And other interesting news, including more explosive finds from the genealogies.

NEW PAPER, added 10/25/17, Agent Jack Ruby. Another nail in the coffin of the Kennedy Assassination hoax.

NEW PAPER, added 5/31/14, The Lincoln Assassination was another Manufactured Event. I take you through the whole thing, using both old and new evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/20, President McKinley: another fake assassination. Also commentary on the assassination of King Umberto and other topics.

NEW PAPER, added 2/6/21, The Assassination of Garfield was also Faked. No, not the cat.

NEW PAPER, added 2/22/21, The January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” was Staged. The personal connections tell us everything, as usual.

NEW PAPER, added 6/29/14, The Tate Murders were Faked. That's right. Manson is another creation of the MATRIX. Over 80 pages of photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 11/1/20, The Trial of the Chicago 7. Where we take a close look at this recent Netflix film.

NEW PAPER, added 11/2/14, The O. J. Simpson Trial was Faked, and so were the murders. Lots of photographic and legal evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 3/31/16, The Scopes Monkey Trial was Faked. Also analysis of Leopold and Loeb and other events of the time.

NEW PAPER, added 9/13/14, The Unabomber was Another Psy-op. Also includes a look at Gerald Gardner (Wicca), Son of Sam, and the Wicker Man.

NEW PAPER, added 8/26/14, The Zodiac Murders were Faked. And so were the Houston and Cottingham murders.

NEW PAPER, added 12/23/20, Henry Lee Lucas: another fake serial killer. Also blowing the cover of the Deaton murder and the Walsh murder, and tying Morgan Grenfell to the whole lot.

NEW PAPER, added 12/15/21, The Boneyard Killers are Fake. Starring Lancelot Lake!

NEW PAPER, added 12/9/21, Laci Peterson: another Men-are-Pigs Project. The usual.

NEW PAPER, added 10/10/19, The 22 July Massacre in Norway was Fake, part 1. This is the Breivik event, where 77 people were allegedly killed. You probably already know it didn't happen, but here I do the world the favor of proving it. I also tie it to many other events and people.

NEW PAPER, added 3/29/19, More on Port Arthur. Where I blow this hoax to shreds. Don't fool with the curly blond lefties.

NEW PAPER, added 7/25/14, Who IS Ted Bundy? Not who you think.

NEW PAPER, added 1/5/22, The Green River Killer was a Fake. Right out of the Navy.

NEW PAPER, added 2/25/15, The Patty Hearst Kidnapping was Fake. Also related commentary on Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry.

NEW PAPER, added 3/22/21, The Oklahoma City Bombing was a False FlagAnd no babies died. People searches and genealogy work really opens this one up.

NEW PAPER, added 10/20/21, The University of Texas Tower Shooting was Faked. Better than the usual.

NEW PAPER, added 1/9/19, San Francisco and Jonestown. I fully blow the lid off this old story, and much else.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/18, Fatal Mistakes: the Spinning of the Jeffrey MacDonald Case. Where we find it is all another sham.

NEW PAPER, added 6/5/21, JonBenet Ramsey: Case Solved. Another one in the can.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/15, Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. I show lots of photographic evidence that Hawking died in 1985 and has been played by an impostor since then.

NEW PAPER, added 1/19/17, Hitler's Genealogy. Yes, this is a big one. I also do Eichmann, Hess, Goebbels and Himmler. And much more.

NEW PAPER, added 2/8/16, The Beer Hall Putsch. Oh, the maze of tunnels when you are down the rabbit hole.

NEW PAPER, added 9/13/17, Benito Mussolini. Oh, the wonders I have seen. And which you are about to see.

NEW PAPER, added 1/29/16, Was Dresden also Faked? A look at the photos posted on the Wikipedia page takes us way down the rabbit hole.

NEW PAPER, added 8/14/21, The Nuremberg Trials were Faked. Of course.

NEW PAPER, added 8/18/21, Patton Faked his Death. Also extended commentary on WWII and the film Patton.

NEW PAPER, added 12/7/15, Looks Like David Irving is Jewish. So what, you say? He is also the world's most famous Holocaust denier.

NEW PAPER, added 1/19/18, More WWII Fakes. Where we find many more pasted-up photos. I also do Churchill's genealogy here, for all you who love genealogies.

NEW PAPER, added 9/29/19, The Battle of France. Where we study the opening stages of WWII, as well as Lebrun, de Gaulle, and Churchill.

NEW PAPER, added 6/24/16, Vladimir Lenin is Another Fake. A long paper on Lenin and the Russian Revolution, with much photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 1/17/22, The “Irish” Michael Collins. I do the Irish Republic and also Yeats.

NEW PAPER, added 4/16/19, Joseph Stalin. I uncover another massive fake, including the analysis of dozens of historical photos.

NEW PAPER, added 11/22/21, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. More proof this was a big fake.

NEW PAPER, added 11/23/14, Reading the Signs—Today's Lesson: Karl Marx. I out another bevy of agents, including Marx, Heston, MacLeish, Lupino, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 6/25/17, Marx's Wife and other things. Where we learn a lot more about Jenny Marx. Also important information on John Kerry, and on the Jewish/German settlements in Texas, including King Ranch. Also more proof of the incredible Hitler/Nazi hoax.

NEW PAPER, added 6/4/16, Engels and Owen. A continuation of my paper on Marx, this one on Friedrich Engels and Robert Owen. I also out dozens of others.

NEW PAPER, added 1/1/16, Fidel Castro: CIA Agent. Where we learn more about Castro, John Wilkes Booth, Gram Parsons, Harry Belafonte, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 12/26/15, Eugene Debs: Secret Agent Man. Where I out Debs and the Socialists, the Anarchists, the Pinkerton Agency, Mormonism, the Homestead Strike, the Haymarket Affair, and the death of President McKinley. Basically, the entire 20th century was a bad movie.

NEW PAPER, added 8/31/15, John Reed faked both his Life and his Death. I also look at the film Reds and Warren Beatty.

NEW PAPER, added 5/20/20, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Two more down.

NEW PAPER, added 8/3/18, Lawrence of Arabia. Where we unwind the Arab Revolt and other ghost stories. Also new info about Mark David Chapman, pretend assassin of John Lennon. With a tack-on about Q-Anon.

NEW PAPER, added 10/15/16, Who was George Washington? A deep analysis of George's and Martha's genealogies, revealing many things.

NEW PAPER, added 7/25/17, Benjamin Franklin: Premier British Spook. We find that Old Ben does not match his cardboard cut-out from history class.

NEW PAPER, added 7/14/20, Thomas Jefferson, part one. Another founding father falls.

NEW PAPER, added 10/21/16, Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. Including more on John Lennon, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Stanley, Robert E. Lee, and many others.

NEW PAPER, added 9/29/17, Looks like the Bushes are Jewish, too. Another big day at the genealogy sites and the peerage.

NEW PAPER, added 6/6/16, Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish. I show you how to read his genealogy.

NEW PAPER, added 10/19/15, The Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told. I show evidence this was an early hoax, pulled—as usual—by the merchants, using actors and agents but this time starring. . . themselves.

NEW PAPER, added 8/20/16, The Lizzie Borden Axe Murders Never Happened. Another major hoax from Massachusetts.

NEW PAPER, added 7/19/16, The Society of Friends looks like another Jewish Front. We look at George Fox, founder of the Quakers.

NEW PAPER, added 5/5/16, The French Revolution. A backwards continuation of my Napoleon paper, with more appearances of the House of Vasa. Also some news about Louis XVI.

NEW PAPER, added 4/18/16, Was Napoleon Jewish? Plus many other things that will shock and confound you, including more on Laplace.

NEW PAPER, added 6/16/16, Thrones Infiltrated. We look again at the Medicis and Jagiellons, to see how these lines infiltrated the royal houses of Europe.

NEW PAPER, added 11/5/16, Henry VII: Another Jewish Invasion of England. Where I unwind the War of the Roses and much else, including more information on the Stanleys.

NEW PAPER, added 8/30/21, More Major Clues in the War of the Roses. Much more on the Stanleys, Howards, and Boleyns.

NEW PAPER, added 5/8/20, John Knox. Where I hit Knox, Mary Stuart, and others. This is where I prove Henry VII was the son of Stanley. Also some info on the Pythons.

NEW PAPER, added 11/27/21, The Jesuits. Lots of photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 5/4/20, Isaac Newton. I do Newton's genealogy, and a whole lot more.

NEW PAPER, added 6/26/20, The English Revolution. Where I hit Charles I, Cromwell, Milton, Mary Tudor, and much more.

NEW PAPER, added 8/24/17, Phillip III the Bold and the Crusades. Also new information on the Templars, the Popes, and the Byzantine Emperors. This one will not disappoint. . . unless you are a mainstream historian.

NEW PAPER, added 3/15/20, Where Did All the Phoenicians Go? Long time passing.

NEW PAPER, added 10/5/21, RomeWhere we look at its founding, Caesar, Cleopatra, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 8/7/18, Woody Allen and the Teutonic Knights. No, seriously.

NEW PAPER, added 8/3/14, Proof John Lennon's Death was Faked. Also includes a short analysis of Michael Jackson's alleged death.

NEW PAPER, added 4/20/16, HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? Paul McCartney is a Twin. Many pages of photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 6/14/17, Looks like Paul McCartney is really Paul Macartney of the Peerage. Like John Lennon, Paul apparently comes from the upper reaches of the peerage. Also more info on Guy Ritchie, the Koch brothers, and many others.

NEW PAPER, added 12/17/15, Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project. A long paper that will likely blow your socks off. It surprised me, and I wrote it.

NEW PAPER, added 1/30/15, Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones. Operation Rolling Stone. I also out the real poet behind Dylan's songs. Joni can't tell you, so I have to.

NEW PAPER, added 3/30/21, Natalie Wood Faked Her Death. We hit this one from a completely different angle, finally opening it up.

NEW PAPER, added 1/3/22, Grace Kelly Faked her Death. In fact, she hits all the usual stops.

NEW PAPER, added 7/8/17, Buddy Holly: the Day the Music Lied. The plane crash was yet another hoax, by the same families.

NEW PAPER, added 10/17/15, Kurt Cobain. . .well, You Know the Rest. Also commentary on John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, and many others.

NEW PAPER, added 12/23/16, The Folk Scene was Totally Manufactured. I compile all the red flags on this one for you. Includes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Ewan MacColl, and Peter, Paul and Mary.

NEW PAPER, added 9/29/16, Karen Carpenter Faked her Death. Not anorexia, but another finished project.

NEW PAPER, added 2/23/16, Lucky Lindy? I analyze Charles Lindbergh's life, showing you some things you may have missed.

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/21, Amelia Earhart faked her Death. But not as Irene Bolam. Can you guess as who?

NEW PAPER, added 11/15/15, Outing Jack London in all ways. We deconstruct one of the worst fake bios ever.

NEW PAPER, added 10/2/18, The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps Giving. So much to learn from the encyclopedia page!

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/21, Amelia Earhart faked her Death. But not as Irene Bolam. Can you guess as who?

NEW PAPER, added 6/2/20, The Hindenburg Story takes a Dive. Oh the Humanity.

NEW PAPER, added 1/4/21, The USS Indianapolis looks like another fake. And so does Iwo Jima.

NEW PAPER, added 3/4/21, The Sinking of the Lusitania was Faked. Another one down.

NEW PAPER, added 3/13/21, The Sinking of the MS Estonia was Planned. I have now done four of the top ten. Were any of the famous ones real? I doubt it.

NEW PAPER, added 5/8/17, Martin Luther King. Another hero falls. Also information on Coretta Scott King, James Earl Ray, Billy Graham, Bill Maher, and a game-ender on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.

NEW PAPER, added 6/19/14, The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked. Easy photographic evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 1/25/16, The Nuclear Hoax. My second paper on this, where I look mostly at the Trinity test.

NEW PAPER, added 12/7/16, What About Mark Twain? Where, somehow, I also pull in Sam Shepard, Matt Damon, Henry Miller, Eddie Vedder, Eminem, Gauguin, Richelieu, Daniel Boone, and the Mormons. Also more on Lincoln and the Booths.

NEW PAPER, added 3/11/21, A New Teddy Roosevelt. History is repeating itself.

NEW PAPER, added 10/29/13, The Stolen Century. A look at Gertrude Stein's Paris salon, in light of our recent findings. Including Hemingway, Pound, Joyce, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 10/25/13, A Review of The Painted Word. 38 years late. A demolition of Tom Wolfe.

NEW PAPER, added 8/2/16, F. Scott Fitzgerald: Spook Baby. Also Zelda, the Kennedys, and more on the Salem Witch Trial.

NEW PAPER, added 5/27/16, Nathaniel Hawthorne and the House of the Seven Psy-ops. Where I out another nest of spooks.

NEW PAPER, added 5/17/16, The Great Harry Potter Hoax. Where Rowling is shown to be a probable front.

NEW PAPER, added 10/9/16, There is Something Wrong with C. S. Lewis. And it isn't what you may have thought. A deep plunge into the genealogies tells us many interesting things.

NEW PAPER, added 3/11/14, Outing Walt Whitman. Not in the way you think.

NEW PAPER, added 10/4/17, Shakespeare: Intel Project. I have what I think is some new information on this subject. Or, a rather broader reading of the evidence.

NEW PAPER, added 3/13/18, The Case of Agatha Christie. In which Hercule Poirot—in a fit of pique—destroys his own creators.

NEW PAPER, added 1/18/16, Robert Anton Wilson: Spook-Baby. I out another nest of probable agents.

NEW PAPER, added 12/1/15, Noam Chomsky is and always has been a Spook. Extensive web research shows some very strange connections with Chomsky, strongly indicating his spook status. Includes bonus outings of Rudolph Rocker, George Orwell, John Kenneth Galbraith, William F. Buckley, Daniel Ellsberg, Dwight MacDonald, William Sloane Coffin and others.

NEW PAPER, added 10/18/13, From Theosophy to the Beat Generation, or, how even the Occult was Disguised. Including proof that MOMA is the CIA's Museum.

NEW PAPER, added 10/18/20, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. Another one bites the dust.

NEW PAPER, added 9/8/16, Thomas Pynchon is Another Spook Baby. Where we look at Inherent Vice, etc.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/16, Eustace Mullins was an Anti. Also more on the Fitzgeralds, Andrew Jackson, and the American Nazi Party.

NEW PAPER, added 8/17/15, Marilyn Monroe's Death was Faked. The top 14 red flags, plus photographic evidence and clues from Hawaii.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/19, Yes, Diana Faked Her Death. You always knew it. This is probably the closest thing to proof you are going to get.

NEW PAPER, added 8/11/15, River Phoenix: another fake death. Lots of photographic evidence. Plus commentary on Joseph Campbell, Charles Taze Russell, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/17, Why I think Mel Gibson is Jewish. He's also probably a peer. Shocker, eh? Lot's of amazing genealogy and peerage work here, including the find that Mel is related to several of his characters, including William Wallace and Fletcher Christian!

NEW PAPER, added 6/3/17, What They Don't Tell You about Keanu Reeves. Mostly genealogy work again, but don't yawn yet. As usual, we go back to 1400 and pull in all sorts of other stuff.

NEW PAPER, added 11/26/16, From Daisy Ridley to Lord Byron, and everyone in between. Where I link many more people to the peerage and to one another. Including Ridley Scott, Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, David Irving, Kenneth Branagh, and many others.

NEW PAPER, added 11/16/16, Brad Pitt's Genealogy. Where I also briefly hit Robert Downey and Kevin Bacon, among others.

NEW PAPER, added 7/26/16, Leonardo DiCaprio Italian? Plus analysis of Jack Nicholson and others.

NEW PAPER, added 7/18/16, Opening Doors. We look at Val Kilmer, Jim Morrison, Jackson Pollock, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 5/14/16, A Game of Fakes. Where I look at “Game of Thrones”, Spotlight, David Bowie, and Prince.

NEW PAPER, added 4/21/17, Steve Martin: a Wild and Crazy. . . Genealogy. Where we look at Martin and surrounding characters.

NEW PAPER, added 8/15/17, Chris Pratt is. . . well, a Pratt. Also more information on James Garner, Lindsey Buckingham, Tom Selleck, and others.

NEW PAPER, added 3/10/17, Jeff Bezos looks like Another CIA Front. We also look at the King Ranch and related topics.

NEW PAPER, added 1/8/16, Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake. We find that everyone involved in the Apple project is not who you were told.

NEW PAPER, added 11/19/17, Bill Gates: Jewish Aristocrat. Where we link Gates to everyone else you have ever heard of, and show Microsoft is one more front of the MATRIX.

NEW PAPER, added 2/15/21, Howard Hughes. Where we learn many strange and not so wondrous things.

NEW PAPER, added 10/7/15, I don't Believe in Elon Musk. I compile evidence that Musk is an Intel creation.

NEW PAPER, added 1/9/17, Let's Put the Spotlight on Spotlight. I uncover huge amounts of evidence the priest scandals were faked.

NEW PAPER, added 7/25/18, The Post. Where I look closely at the 2017 film about The Washington Post, discovering many things.

NEW PAPER, added 2/9/18, Why I think the USA Gymnastics Fracas is Fake. I show you lots of evidence. Make up your own mind.

NEW PAPER, added 10/30/15, Custer's Last Stand was a False Flag. I show you evidence of another probable hoax involving military intelligence; including lots of photo analysis, as usual.

NEW PAPER, added 7/16/16, The Gunfight at OK Corral Never Happened. Lots of fake photographs from the same set of old families.

NEW PAPER, added 12/28/17, What you don't know about Billy the Kid may surprise you. I link Billy to the peerage, and to some surprising names. This makes 40 big papers for the year, not including guest writers.

NEW PAPER, added 9/2/17, Yes, Virginia, the Charlottesville Car Crash was Staged. I compile the top research from Youtube, then give you some zingers you haven't seen anywhere else.

NEW PAPER, added 11/8/15, The Glen Ridge Rape was Faked. I show you many pages of evidence this 1989 event never happened, including the trial.

NEW PAPER, added 10/10/17, Las Vegas Hoax. Another multi-layer melange of impossibilities and planted liars.

NEW PAPER, added 9/27/15, The Charleston and Roanoke Events were Faked. I show you a few things the other researchers have missed.

NEW PAPER, added 7/8/16, The Orlando Pulse Shooting is Another Hoax. Also analysis of Huey Long, the film The Big Fix, and the BP oil spill.

NEW PAPER, added 4/14/16, Is Tiger Woods a Psy-op? Also analysis of the Payne Stewart plane crash and other related things.

NEW PAPER, added 6/1/17, Looks like Nicklaus, Palmer and Player are Jewish. The genealogies give up some more surprises. Plus more info on Copernicus, Luther, the Jagiellons, the Quirks, the Walzers, the Bashes, etc.

NEW PAPER, added 3/8/16, The Monica Lewinsky Scandal was Faked. Lots of photo analysis, plus commentary on Bill and Hillary, Vince Foster, the Jacobs family, Skolnick, and much more.

NEW PAPER, added 9/17/15, Kabbalah, Hermeticism and the Occult. I go back five centuries and show you that even then you could substitute “Intelligence” everywhere you found “the Occult.” Including a close look at the Medicis and the Rockefellers.

NEW PAPER, added 7/26/15, The Hippie Matrix. How the government co-opted the hippie, anti-war, and environmental movements. Including an outing of Ram Dass, Stewart Brand, and Larry Brilliant.

NEW PAPER, added 1/28/18, The Supremes. Where we look closely at the nine Justices, finding something you might not expect.

NEW PAPER, added 7/20/14, What I Finally Understood. Commentary on famous people, gun control, Smith&Wesson, and Larouche.

NEW PAPER, added 3/17/18, Adam Curtis and HyperAbnormalization. Where I deconstruct a recent BBC documentary, learning many things.

NEW PAPER, added 2/1/14, Your Fake Local News. Fake news, fake murders, and fake trials, in your hometown.

NEW PAPER, added 1/6/14, Boycott Everything. Well, almost everything.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/13, Watergate Unstoppered. A look at Watergate, compiling easy information.

NEW PAPER, added 11/6/13, The Cultural Cold War. A closer look at Frances Stonor Saunders' book of the same name.

NEW PAPER, added 2/4/14, I Would Like to File a Suspicious Transaction Report on the entire 20th century. Money laundering and the art market.

NEW PAPER, added 12/17/21, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Theft was an Inside Job. And the paintings stolen were all fakes.

NEW PAPER, added 12/11/21, The Girl with a Pearl Earring is Fake. And so are most other Vermeers. Also an unexpected link to Raphael's Sistine Madonna.